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Edward specializes in all aspects of patent protection, including domestic and foreign filing, as well as client counseling in intellectual property matters and related licensing, transactional, and litigation support.

Edward has represented clients in a variety of high technology fields, including computer architectures, computer graphics, computer peripherals, computer software, video processing, immersive video systems, video display systems, field programmable gate arrays, memories, microprocessors, networking, semiconductor devices and semiconductor processing. Edward’s present and former clients include SmartAsic, Be Here, Sun Microsystems, Xilinx, Huaya Microelectronics, Infineon, AMD, National Semiconductors, and Znyx Networks.

Edward started his legal career with Skjerven Morrill, LLP in 1995 and was previously a Partner at Bever, Hoffman, and Harms, LLP. Prior to that, Edward graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California in Berkeley 1995. Before law school, Edward worked as an Electrical Engineer at TRW Inc. (acquired by Northrop) for various space and defense systems. While working full time at TRW, Edward also received a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. Prior to that Edward graduated in 1989 from The California Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree (with Honors) in Electrical Engineering.
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